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We proudly boast that we are one of the original Fire Risk Assessment Companies established at the instigation of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 and have been serving clients in London, Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey with professional Fire Risk Assessments for many years.

Our team of fully qualified Risk Assessors are all retired London Fire Brigade, Fire Safety Inspecting Officers and together have over 80 years Fire Safety Expertise. Regardless of the size of your premise our Assessors will guarantee you a ‘suitable and sufficient’ Fire Risk Assessment that will satisfy the Fire Brigade even if you have been served an ‘Enforcement’ Notice

 or your money back!

 As we are independent of any supplier or installer we are able to provide you with sound, unbiased advice on Fire Safety Protection equipment and any aspect of Fire Safety. Contact our Fire Safety Experts now

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Whatever Your Sector We Can Help

The Department for Communities and Local Government publishes Guidance for Twelve separate types of Premises but these can be divided into Five Sectors. By choosing the Sector that best identifies the use of your Premise from the listed options below the specific use of your premise will be confirmed which will enable us to direct you towards the most suitable Fire Risk Assessment package.

Residential, Hotels & Hostels

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Commercial & Industrial

Care Homes & Health Care


Entertainment, Restaurants & Bars

Choosing the Right Risk Assessment Package has Never Been Easier

Our original ‘Standard‘ Fire Risk Assessment package has stood the test of time and has met and exceeded expectation in some of the most challenging circumstances. ‘Express’ – as you would expect our ‘Standard’ package delivered at speed when you are up against deadlines. ‘Plus’ – when an Asbestos report or Fire Brigade Liaison is required to support the ‘Standard’ Fire Risk Assessment. For clients that require a more in-depth service our ‘Premier’ package has added benefits including project management. Finally for those clients that require a Fire Risk Assessment and a Health & Safety Risk Assessment we have a dual package which fits the bill.

Our Fire Risk Assessment Packages start from as little as £275 – click below to find out more.


Our benchmark, 5 Part Fire Risk Assessment package. A concise report delivered to you after a full Fire Safety Inspection/Audit.


Our Standard package delivered at speed. Weekend and evening Fire Safety Inspections available. Designed to deliver your Fire Risk Assessment within your time restraints.


All the benefits of the Standard package PLUS a Type One Asbestos Survey and full report or Fire Safety Liaison.


Designed specifically for clients that require a full Fire Safety Service which includes; our Standard package, Fire Brigade Liaison and Project management.

Health & Safety

A cost effective solution when both Fire and Health & Safety Risk Assessments are required. One Inspection/Audit, Two detailed reports.

The Institution of Fire Engineers


The Fire Risk Assessment consultancy market is saturated with people having varying degrees of skill and knowledge so how can employers, who are still ultimately responsible for the Fire Risk Assessment, ensure that their choice of consultant is a good one? In this minefield, the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) has created a Register of Fire Risk Assessors and Auditors.

It was appropriate for the IFE, as the leading professional body in the field of fire, to take this initiative to ensure that anyone having need of the services of a Fire Risk Assessor can refer to the Register and thereby verify the credentials of their choice of assessor.

The Institute of Fire Engineers Registered Assessors Logo

The cost of a professional Fire Risk Assessment is a reflection of the years of experience, the wealth of knowledge and the assurance of insurance.

The following links are to organisations that expect Fire Risk Assessments from professional Third Party Accredited companies.

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