London Residents in Purpose Built Block of Flats don’t be tempted to have a BBQ on your balcony this Eater break!

With the forecast predicting a warm Easter, London Residents may be tempted to have a BBQ!

Think twice – is it worth taking the risk?

If you have a ‘suitable and sufficient’ Fire Safety Risk Assessment for your building it will state that you shouldn’t have a BBQ on your balcony – it is too dangerous for you, your family and your neighbours. If the worst happens and you have a Fire your insurance claim may be void too! So perhaps taking a picnic to one of our beautiful London parks could be a better and safer option.

All Residential blocks of Flats and converted Houses into Flats must have a Fire Safety Risk Assessment so check yours to see what your report says. If you haven’t got one then you need to act now as it is required by law!

London Fire Risk Assessments have a friendly team of qualified Fire Safety Risk Assessors and can supply you with a ‘suitable and sufficient’ Fire Risk Assessment. Call them now on 01689 890879 they will be happy to help you and their advice is free!

London Pub with Sleeping Accommodation informs London Fire Risk Assessments that the London Fire Brigade are requesting that Fire Risk Assessments should be undertaken by an IFE approved Assessor.

Just today, a customer who had previously been visited by London Fire Brigade, informed London Fire Risk Assessments that LFB are requesting that Fire Risk Assessments are undertaken by an Institution of Fire Engineers ‘Approved’ Assessor! Great news for all accredited Fire Risk Assessors not such good news for some unqualified Fire Protection Services.

When talking to customers London Fire Risk Assessments always stress the importance of appointing a ‘qualified’ and fully ‘insured’ Fire Safety Risk Assessor for their London premises. Obviously, customers need more than one Quote to compare prices but rather than relying on a general internet search LFRA always point them to the IFE website. All customers need to do is to go to the Register of ‘Approved’ Assessors and put in their postcode and a list of ‘Approved’ Assessor will come up in their area.

Everyone of the IFE Register has had to prove competency and supply a copy of their insurance certificates so customers can be sure they will be in safe hands.

Alternatively London Fire Risk Assessments would be happy to help – call their friendly team now on 01689 890879 or click here to arrange a Fire Safety Inspection.

London Property Managment Companies should be providing Residents with

Once again we have been contacted by worried Residents of a purpose built block of flats in London, wanting us to check whether the Fire Safety Risk Assessment supplied by their Property Management Company was ok.

Worried Residents were refused a ‘buy to let Mortgage’ due to the Fire Safety conditions of their Flat. They immediately contacted London Fire Risk Assessments to check things out!

When we asked to witness a copy of the Fire Safety Risk Assessment for the communal area the Property Management Company was very hesitant to send it through. Finally it arrive and as suspected the report was not a ‘suitable and sufficient’ Fire Risk Assessment as required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 it was in fact and Health and Safety Risk Assessment!

The Residents showed their dissatisfaction as they pay high Management  fees and expect that the premise is looked after properly with the right documentation and services in place!

Outcome: London Fire Risk Assessments are booked in to carry out a full inspection!

If you are a London based Property Managment Company and need a qualified Company to carry out your Fire Safety Risk Assessments on your portfolio of properties then contact us now on 01689 890879 or click here. Alway good business to keep your Residents safe and happy!

With Halloween upon us its time to check if the Fancy Dress Costume you have for your child is flammable!

The spooky excitement is building up and it will soon be time to put your Halloween costumes and scary make up on!

Not meaning to spoil the fun at all but we do feel that it is our responsibility to remind parents to check the flammability of the Halloween costume your child will be wearing.

It only takes a second for the costume to catch light and there will be plenty of opportunities with candles positioned in pumpkins outside many houses ready for ‘trick or treating’.

So take a moment out and have a check – its best to be safe than sorry!

For more Fire Safety Advice call London Fire Risk Assessments on 01689 890879 or click here

Last chance for London Nurseries, Schools and Colleges to book a Fire Risk Assessment Inspection for the Half Term!

Is your Fire Risk Assessment up to date? Do you need to book your Fire Safety Inspection this Half Term? Book now or you may be disappointed!

It is the Responsibility of the HeadTeacher or the Board of Governors to ensure that the Fire Safety Risk Assessment for their Nursery, School or College is kept up to date. Keeping vulnerable Children safe is a huge responsibility so don’t take any chances book an inspection now!

Contact London Fire Risk Assessments and we will arrange for one of our qualified Fire Risk Assessors to come to site – call 01689 890879 or click here.