The Brief:

A Fire Risk Assessment was commissioned for the communal parts of a Residential Building divided into Six, separate Blocks of Two Residential Flats. Each Block consists of Two Floors, Ground and First, with each, single story Flat occupying one level.

Each Block has it’s own Entrance, Final exit door and a Small, Internal Communal area before the separate

Flat Entrance doors. The contentious issue; at the rear of the premise is a ‘laddered’ stairway which is attached to each First Floor Balcony. The ‘laddered’ stairway is rotten and dangerous to use as a means of escape.

Key Considerations:

    • The Alternative Means of Escape Stairways were not supplied because of the height of the Building.
    • They were not offered because of Internal Travel Distances nor to avoid areas of high risk such as Kitchens.
    • The Alternative Means of Escape Stairways were not Fire separated from the Main Means of Escape Stairways
    • They did not meet the requirement of Approved Document K.
    • They were not in compliance with BS: 5395-12:2010
    • There were not protected from the effects of Fire horizontally or vertically.


With regards to Fire Safety there was no apparent requirement that they should remain and/or remain available and could be removed.


The Client was extremely pleased that we found a solution that put the Residents Life Safety and Security first and saved them a considerable amount of money.

Beech Court London