Vuln!! Path it now!!

Vuln!! Path it now!!

Vuln!! Path it now!!<br />

With Halloween upon us its time to check if the Fancy Dress Costume you have for your child is flammable!

The spooky excitement is building up and it will soon be time to put your Halloween costumes and scary make up on!

Not meaning to spoil the fun at all but we do feel that it is our responsibility to remind parents to check the flammability of the Halloween costume your child will be wearing.

It only takes a second for the costume to catch light and there will be plenty of opportunities with candles positioned in pumpkins outside many houses ready for ‘trick or treating’.

So take a moment out and have a check – its best to be safe than sorry!

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London Fire Risk Assessments Fire Marshal Training Designed For: Persons appointed as fire safety representatives or fire marshals whose primary responsibility is to ensure the implementation of Fire Policies and the evacuation of all personnel to designated assembly points.

All London premises such as Offices, Shops, Schools, Factories, Care Homes etc. should make sure that their Staff are fully trained in Fire Safety.

London Fire Risk Assessments offers a half day training course at your premise to minimise disruption, maximise time and to help explain onsite Fire Safety procedures.

Click here to learn more or call our Friendly team who will be happy to assist you! 01689 890879

London Fire Risk Assessments helps with the Greek Wild Fires!

London Fire Risk Assessments Managing Director Clive Lewis TIFireE once again offers his service to help prevent anymore wild Fires in his favourite holiday resort Vlastos Greece.

Vlastos is not very far from the tragic scene of Mati and last year Vlastos came very close to having an extreme Fire that could have wiped out the whole community. Thankfully for the residents of Vlastos and nearby Kalamos the wind changed direction and the community was saved from complete disaster.

Clive Lewis says ” Its all about prevention and changing mindsets – we must clear the common areas that are being used for dumping old garden rubbish and make house owners responsible for getting rid of their waste properly’. Clive put a team of volunteers together and it took 3 days to clear a common area that is situated right bang in the middle of a Residential area!

LFRA’s team are very proud of their MD who always leads by example and not worried about getting his hands dirty!! You can always contact London Fire Risk Assessments if you have any Fire Safety concerns call 01689 890879

Our professional Fire Risk Assessors provide assessments for all types of Buildings in London, from private homes to HMO’s, shops, offices & factories.

When you are looking for a qualified Fire Risk Assessor then you need to go to the professionals! Someone who is ‘qualified’ in Fire Risk Assessments and are ‘Approved’ by an official body to carry out this service.

After the terrible Fire at Grenfell most of the ‘cowboys’ offering a cheap Fire Risk Assessment disappeared! Obviously they were worried about the service they may have provided to customers and the legal consequences of not being qualified to do the job!

London Fire Risk Assessments is an independent Fire Risk Assessment Company – its their core business. Established for over 11 years they have been providing London based customers in environments including; Offices, Shops, Factories, Industrial Units, Pub, Bars, Clubs and Restaurants plus Residential Blocks of Flats, Converted Houses, HMO’s the list goes on!

They are not only ‘members’ of the Institution of Fire Engineers they are also included in their Register of ‘Approved’ Assessors.

When you are appointing a third party competent person to carry out the Fire Safety Inspection of  your premise always check that the Assessor coming to site is not only a ‘member’ of the IFE but on their ‘Approved’ Register.

Because LFRA are independent you can be assured on unbiased advice as they are not affiliated to any Fire Protection Equipment supplier.

Call their friendly team now who will be happy to chat through any Fire Safety concerns you may have. 01689 890879