London Fire Brigade has reported two Warehouse fire’s in London within 3 days.

Deptford – Around 58 firefighters and officers tackled a warehouse fire on a business park on Trundleys Road – there was no report of injuries and the cause of fire is under investigation.

Uxbridge – A disused warehouse in an industrial estate on Arundel Road in Uxbridge was damaged by fire. A member of the public returning home after work raised the alarm after spotting smoke in the area. The single-storey warehouse was badly damaged by the blaze. Fortunately, no one was injured. Six fire engines and around 35 firefighters and officers from Hillingdon, Hayes, Ruislip, Southall and Heathrow fire stations attended the incident.

London Fire Risk Assessments advice: A Fire Risk Assessment on a Factory or Warehouse, carried out by London Fire Risk Assessments would have due regards to relevant Guidance including; Department for Communities and Local Guidance.  Fire Safety Risk Assessment. Factories and Warehouses. ISBN-13:978 1 851 12 816 7

This would enable the Responsible Person to handle and store flammable substances and combustible materials safely and help them to determine the necessary precautions to take

to minimise the likelihood of them being involved in any Fire. Click here to read more