London Fire Risk Assessments Introduces A New Fire Safety Maintenance Checklist As Part Of Their Risk Assessment Packages

As part of our Third Party Competency commitment, we have included a NEW Fire Safety Maintenance Checklist to all of our Fire Risk Assessment packages.

Our Checklist can be used as a means of supporting the Fire Safety Policy and identifying the required Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Six Monthly and Annual Inspection and Testing requirements and recommendations for your Premise.

The Tool is not meant as a substitute for a Risk Assessment but is meant to complement the Fire Safety Management Plan and give you the ability to Manage and Maintain your Active and Passive Fire Safety Prevention measures.

The Tool is generic and ideal for people managing Purpose Built Blocks of Flats, Flat Conversions, Residential Care Homes, Schools and Offices to name but a few, it can be simply modify, where necessary, to fit your needs.

There is also provision to incorporate the recommendations of Manufacturers and Installers of Fire Safety equipment such as Extinguishers and Fire Alarm systems that may have been installed in your Premise.

It should give you the Responsible Person, an opportunity to identify any concerns which may require further investigation and appropriate action. In larger and more complex Buildings it may highlight the need to seek the assistance of a competent person to carry out some of the checks.

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