Selling a London Flat or Buying a London Flat – need a Fire Safety Risk Assessment to complete the sale?

Look no further – London Fire Risk Assessments can help!

LFRA are on the Institution of Fire Engineers Register of Approved Assessors and they are fully insured to do the job!

Carrying out a general internet search can pull up all kinds of Companies promising a range of cheap deals but don’t be tempted – you need to provide your Solicitor with a ‘suitable and sufficient’ Fire Safety Risk Assessment if you are selling your London Flat!

We have a range of Fire Risk Assessment packages to meet all demands:

  • Our original ‘Standard’ Fire Risk Assessment package – suitable for any premise
  • Our ‘Plus‘ package has the additional benefits of an Asbestos Type 1 Visual Survey which some converted houses into Flats may need or help with a ‘Notice’ from the London Fire Brigade
  • Our ‘Dual’ package is for environments that want both a Fire Risk Assessment and a Health & Safety Risk Assessment
  • Finally or ‘Premier’ package that offers a Standard Fire Risk Assessment and a co-ordinating service to sort the Fire Safety Actions out

All packages can have the added option of our Express Delivery Service so if your are stretched for time then call us now to book a Fire Safety Inspection – 01689 890879 or use our contact form on our website we will be happy to help!